LOCATION Stratford Butterfly Farm, Stratford
TIME 10:00 to 15:00
Group Size   3
  •  A great opportunity for capturing a wide range of Butterfly species in an open tropical house environment
  • The biggest collection of tropical Butterflies in the UK with up to 250 species
  • Entrance to the venue
  • Photographic Guide
  • PDF notes
Not Included
  •  Camera
  • Macro Lens for Fuji, Olympus and Sony
  • Specialist food or drinks
  • Car Park Fees


Butterflies are one of the most popular subjects for nature photography, and understandably so when you see their beautiful, bright colours and the detailed intricacy of their markings. At the fantastic location of Stratford Butterfly Farm (the largest tropical butterfly display in the UK) we hope to achieve a range of great images from the diversity of opportunities we encounter. The greenhouse is a natural oasis and provides the perfect chance to capture butterflies while resting and feeding on various tropical plants/flowers.  On the day you will should see over 1500 free flying butterflies with over 250 species ensuring you have an abundance of subjects and variety to photograph.


Our ‘Butterfly Photography Workshop’ begins at 9.30am with a briefing from the photographic guide about what to expect and the best approaches and techniques for capturing good butterfly images. We will then have the chance to get into the greenhouse about 30 minutes before it is open to the general public. This time can be particularly useful in the caterpillar/pupae room where we might need space to carefully set up tripods on these small subjects. We can then move out into the main flight area to work on capturing images of the many different species.


After an hour’s break for lunch break when delegates can cool down form the greenhouse and eat a packed lunch, we can review our morning’s work and then have a second chance to build on the experiences of the morning. There will also be an opportunity for guests to visit the ‘Insect City’ area where a larger variety of invertebrates are on display.


Throughout the day your expert Wild Arena guide will be on hand to offer advice and tips and suggest different techniques for capturing these beautiful creatures, always ensuring time is given equally to get the best from everyone’s individual cameras and equipment. The whole day is designed to be a challenging learning opportunity, working with this most photogenic of subjects.

10:00:   Arrival at the Butterfly Centre for a welcome and briefing from your guide (NB: the center does not officially open until 10.00).

10:30:   Photography session 1 in the caterpillar room and the tropical greenhouses.

12:00:   Lunch Break and a chance to cool down (there is a café nearby or you can bring a packed lunch).

13:00:   Photography session 2 in the tropical greenhouse and bug room.

15:00:   Summary and Close.

Our itineraries are listed as a guide and we may need to alter them depending on unforeseen circumstances, weather conditions or the availability of the subjects. Start and finish times are fixed to enable transport planning.



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